The textile marketing district of the city of London, c.1780-1914

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This is one of a series of studies of the specialised business districts which emerged within the City of London during the nineteenth century. They were characterised by a loss of the residential population and of the traditional intermixture of domestic and business life, and by the increasing dominance of large commercial buildings. Wood Street and its neighbourhood came to be taken over by the warehouses of textile manufacturers and dealers. The project examines the physical and economic transformation of the area and the distinctive way of life associated with the warehouses. It also undertakes a preliminary exploration of the relationship between provincial manufacturers and the warehousing system in London.


CMH Annual Report 1990-1, Tenth Anniversary Conference paper

Project details

Associate Supervisor: Professor Martin Daunton
Researcher: Iain Black, B.A., Ph.D.
Funded by: The Pasold Research Fund (1 June 1991-31 December 1991)
Amount Awarded: £20,000