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IHR conference series

Gender in medieval places, spaces and thresholds

Published in January 2019, Gender in medieval places, spaces and thresholds is a collection of 15 essays edited by Victoria Blud, Diane Heath and Einat Klafter. The collection addresses the concept of gender in the middle ages through the study of place and space. From womb to tomb, how are we defined and confined by gender and by space? The essays in this interdisciplinary collection draw on current research and contemporary theory to suggest new destinations for future study.

Now available in print and as Open Access via the Humanities Digital Library.

Historical Research November 2018

Articles include:

William Weston: early voyager to the New World by Margaret M. Condon and Evan T. Jones
The British financial revolution and the empire of credit in St. Kitts and Nevis, 1706–21 by Aaron Graham
Discovering film on Irish television: fragments from RTÉ archives 1960–5 by Sian Barber

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Past and Future magazine

The IHR’s ‘Leading Women’ is the subject of our cover image for this issue of Past and Future. The IHR’s new-look blog, launched in September 2018 ‘On History’ The launched of ‘The layers or London’ is announced by The Centre for Metropolitan History.


IHR and Open Access

All IHR collections are now available Open Access via the Humanities Digital Library. Nearly 200 IHR chapter-by-chapter downloads are also available via Open Access books on JSTOR.

Open Access publishing also includes the our new series of concise, topical histories— IHR Shorts which launched in late 2018.