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Bibliography of British and Irish History

The Bibliography of British and Irish History (BBIH) is the most comprehensive and accurate guide available to what's been written about British and Irish history. It's an essential resource for research and teaching.

BBIH is a subscription service and is available remotely via university and research libraries worldwide.

About the Bibliography

The Bibliography of British and Irish History (BBIH) is the most comprehensive and accurate guide available to what's been published in British and Irish history over the past 125 years. This makes BBIH a key resource for study, research and teaching: the essential starting point for discovering what's been written in any historical field, when and by whom.

What makes BBIH so valuable and useful? 

  • contains more than 609,000 records of books, edited collections, journal articles and book chapters
  • includes details of history publications from the early 1900s to 2019
  • covers the history of the British Isles, the former empire and Commonwealth, the British world, and Britons' activities on the global stage
  • is searchable via a range of options. These include: author, title of publication, subject area, period and places covered, publication type and date/s of publication

What makes BBIH a unique resource?

  • created using systematic and extensive surveys of data on all relevant new publications, including weekly reviews of 800 academic journals and records of the British Library
  • provides links to individual publications in your library or a union catalogue, along with academic reviews of books listed in the bibliography
  • enables you to create your own comprehensive bibliography on any topic
  • the definitive record of British historical research and publishing in the C20th and C21st

BBIH is updated three times/year by specialist bibliographers at the IHR, working with a team of academic historians to ensure accuracy and comprehensiveness. BBIH is a research and publishing project of the IHR, the UK's Royal Historical Society and the Belgian academic press, Brepols.

Access the Bibliography of British and Irish History

BBIH is a subscription service available through many libraries and archives in Britain, Ireland and worldwide. Use your library login to view BBIH.

Access BBIH and follow the 'Enter databases' link

The Bibliography in numbers

BBIH is a essential resource for research and teaching, and the best possible guide to what's been written about British and Irish history.

  • 615,000+ : Records of books, chapters and article in BBIH
  • 10,000+ : New records added each year in regular updates
  • 8000 : Thematic search categories with the BBIH taxonomy
  • 800 : Academic journals checked weekly for new content
  • 2020 : Includes records of the latest publications

February 2020: a new look for BBIH

From February 2020, a new user-interface makes it easier to browse and search the Bibliography. Quick links also take you to content of interest.

Using BBIH in your teaching: updating 2019-20 reading lists

Are you updating or creating reading lists for 2019-20? BBIH can help you find what's new, relevant and worth passing on to your students.

London is Calling: use BBIH to locate 1260 PhD theses on London's past

BBIH provides information on 1260 PhD theses relating to the history of London: searchable by topic, theme and place

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