BBIH and Global History

The Bibliography's coverage reflects the global nature of British history, and the importance of understanding histories of migration, empire and transnational perspectives. 

British history as global history

Given the global reach of British and Irish history, the Bibliography provides extensive coverage of scholarly content relating not just to Britain and Ireland, but also the British empire, Commonwealth, migration and the 'British world'.

This makes BBIH a key resource for students, researchers and teachers of colonial, international and global history.

Coverage of historical writing on areas of former empire is extensive, reflecting scholars' interest in the history of British colonial settlement. BBIH therefore includes more than 35,000 records relating to the history of North America and nearly 30,000 for India and south-east Asia.

However, the impact of Britons worldwide is also evident. For example, the Bibliography includes nearly 2,500 records of books, chapters and articles relating to Russia, over 1500 to China, and nearly 1000 for Japan.

Many of these records come from history journals published in Africa, the Indian sub-continent and Asia as part of the 800 journals regularly surveyed from new content.

Global history in BBIH

The Bibliography's coverage extends well beyond the British Isles to include the former British empire, the Commonwealth and Britons' activities worldwide.

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