BBIH for Teachers and Students

The Bibliography provides a powerful tool to identify key publications in your area of teaching and research. BBIH is therefore an essential resource for university teaching and undergraduate / postgraduate dissertations.

Get ready for the new academic year with BBIH

Looking to use BBIH in your teaching or research? Need to update your reading lists for the start of the new academic year? Find out how BBIH can help.

Online reading lists from BBIH

The Bibliography's editors and Brepols regularly work together to produce themed online reading lists of recently published works, drawn from the Bibliography.

Video guides to using BBIH for teaching, studying or research

We've put together a set of 8 short videos that show how you can get the most out of using BBIH when teaching, studying or researching online.

BBIH for online teaching and student research

With teaching and student research now online, here are 3 ways the Bibliography can help and make the most of your institution's existing online resources.

How is BBIH useful for teachers and students?

The Bibliography of British and Irish History (BBIH) is a powerful resource for getting to grips with a new area of historical research. BBIH provides detailed information on more than 620,000 books, collections, journal articles and book chapters published during the 20th century and up to to the current year.

The Bibliography is therefore a quick and easy way to get a picture of what's been written on a particular topic, theme, person or place. This is of great value when studying a new subject or preparing an undergraduate or graduate thesis, especially when it comes to identifying and assessing the existing literature

BBIH covers the history of Britain and Ireland, from the Roman occupation to the present day; this means not just the British Isles, but also the British empire, Commonwealth and global histories.

What's special about BBIH?

The Bibliography of British and Irish History is a curated research compiled by specialist bibliographers and historians. This means it's much more accurate and comprehensive than other online resources and much more reliable than searching the open web for secondary content.

BBIH offers a custom search engine that guides you towards the best search terms to use to find the most relevant results; there's a video tutorial on how to use this feature.  You can also search by place or by historical period, using years of your choice, as well as by the more usual bibliographical criteria, such as author, title and date of publication.

BBIH includes OpenURL and Digital Object Identifier links to online text, as well as links to Google Books, to British History Online and to Jisc’s new Library Discover hub (formerly COPAC). This means that, having found articles or books that you want to consult, you can easily move to an online text if you've access, or establish where to find the items in a library. 

You can also export your results to various reference manager tools, such as Zotero and EndNote in order to build a personal bibliography.

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The Bibliography of British and Irish History in the classroom: teaching representations of queerness

Dr Leah Veronese discusses how BBIH can be used in an undergraduate classroom to teach eighteenth century representations of queerness

BBIH - 'Quietly Essential' for teaching

Dr David Hitchcock (Canterbury Christ Church) explains why his students all learn how to use the Bibliography and how BBIH is 'quietly essential' for teaching.

London's Calling: search 1260 PhD theses on London history

BBIH provides details of 1260 PhD theses on aspects of London history: searchable by topic, theme and region or landmark within the capital.

Access the Bibliography of British and Irish History

BBIH is a subscription service available through many libraries and archives in Britain, Ireland and worldwide. Use your library login to view BBIH.

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How are History lecturers and librarians using BBIH?

Leading UK and US historians, teachers and librarians comment on the value of the Bibliography for teaching and student research.

Historians and librarians on using BBIH

Subject guides to using BBIH in research

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