East Asian Journal of British History

The East Asian Journal of British History is produced by the East Asian Society of British History, and supported by the Institute for Historical Research.

The Institute of Historical Research is pleased and proud to be supporting this recent addition  to British history scholarship. Developing out of the IHR’s long-standing collaborative partnership with Japanese universities, and now in its fourth year, the East Asian Journal of British History features some of the best emergent scholarship from Anglophone historians working in China, Japan, and South Korea.

Divided between an articles section and one devoted to reviews, the journal’s remit wide-ranging covering all fields and periods of British history. It complements the triennial Anglo-Japanese Conference organised by the IHR and Japanese historians based at the universities of Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, and the conference of the East Asian Society of British history, in which we are joined by our colleagues from South Korea. In future, we hope that more contributions will be featured in the journal from the Chinese mainland and from Taiwan.

A limited number of conventional print copies of all five volumes of the journal are available on application to the IHR, or alternatively all issues are freely available to download below. 

Please contact ihr.webmaster@sas.ac.uk for further information.