Edited by Victoria Blud, Diane Heath and Einat Klafter 


This collection addresses the concept of gender in the middle ages through the study of place and space, exploring how gender and space may be mutually constructive and how individuals and communities make and are made by the places and spaces they inhabit. From womb to tomb, how are we defined and confined by gender and by space? Interrogating the thresholds between sacred and secular, public and private, enclosure and exposure, domestic and political, movement and stasis, the essays in this interdisciplinary collection draw on current research and contemporary theory to suggest new destinations for future study.

Published in 2019 as part of the IHR Conference Series

Individual chapters are available Open Access via JSTOR Open Access Books

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Table of contents

Anthony Bale
Victoria Blud, Diane Heath and Einat Klafter
Section I. Sacred space 
Sheila Sweetinburgh
Tracy Collins
Philippa Byrne
Claire Kennan
Victoria Blud
Section II. Going places 
Eivor Bekkhus
Martin Laidlaw
Einat Klafter
Section III. A woman’s place? 
Róisín Donohoe
Kathryn Loveridge
Louise Campion
Diane Heath
Section IV. Watch this space! 
Hannah Shepherd
Jayne Wackett
Daisy Black
Leonie V. Hicks