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IHR Shorts

IHR Shorts is an experimental series of concise and insightful commentaries on topical historical subjects. The series is designed to cater for new research that's best communicated in a form that's longer than a journal article but shorter than a monograph.

All titles are published online and available free as Open Access downloads.

About the series


In 2018 the Institute launched its new ‘IHR Shorts’ series. Insightful and concise, IHR Shorts offer incisive commentaries on contemporary historical debates. Titles range from 15,000 to 50,000 words with a focus on interdisciplinary approaches to the past.

IHR Shorts provide new opportunities for high-quality, peer reviewed scholarly writing at lengths other than those of the traditional journal article, chapter or monograph. We welcome proposals for long-form essays shading into short monographs and concise essay collections. 

All titles in the Shorts series are available free online as Open Access texts via our publisher, the University of London Press.


Current titles

Featured title: European Religious Cultures (2020)

First published by the IHR in 2008 and now reissued Open Access, with a new introduction

Contributors include John Arnold, Paul Binski and Jinty Nelson.

Featured title: Suffrage and citizenship in Ireland

Senia Paseta argues that the women’s suffrage movement did not exist in a political vacuum. It interacted with another political question of the day: Ireland