IHR Shorts: a new Open Access series

In September 2018, the IHR launched its new ‘Shorts’ series. Insightful and concise, IHR Shorts offer incisive commentaries on contemporary historical debates. Titles range from 15,000 to 50,000 words with a focus on interdisciplinary approaches to the past.

The series is published as Open Access via the Humanities Digital Library, which means titles are free to download and to share in compliance with the OA licence.

The aim is to provide new opportunities for high-quality, peer reviewed scholarly writing at lengths other than those of the traditional journal article and chapter (c.10,000 words) or the monograph (c.80-100,000 words). All titles in the series are published by the IHR and the University of London.

We hope the series will attract a range of formats including annual named lectures given at the Institute and elsewhere; long-form essays shading into short monographs; and concise essay collections drawn from conferences and roundtables, with individual contributions of no more than 4000 to 5000 words each.

The series began with two conference titles - Magna Carta: history, context and influence, and Dethroning historical reputations: universities, museums and the commemoration of benefactors - which comprised 20 short commentaries on topics of current historical debate. Both books are also available for chapter-by-chapter download via JSTOR’s Open Access Books platform.

With the IHR Shorts series launched, we’re now commissioning additional titles. We welcome proposals especially for balanced, rounded works of 20,000 to 30,000 words that may previously have lacked options in an environment of journal articles and monographs. If you’d like to propose a title please contact Philip Carter at the IHR.