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The IHR's magazine, Past and Future, began life as a newsletter before evolving to a magazine format, initially entitled Timeline. In its current format, Past and Future includes news from the IHR as well as articles written by academics, students and others working in the field of history. Published twice a year, the magazine is an ideal way to stay up to date with IHR developments and is available free of charge.

You can view issues of Past and Future here, or pick up a hard copy from one of the display stands in the IHR. If you would like a copy of the magazine to be posted to you, or would like to be added to our subscription list, please email ihr.events@sas.ac.uk.


Past and Future – Autumn/Winter 2018

The IHR’s ‘Leading Women’ is the subject of our cover image for this issue of Past and Future. The IHR’s new-look blog, launched in September 2018 ‘On History’ https://history.blogs.sas.ac.uk. The launched of ‘The layers or London’ is announced by The Centre for Metropolitan History. Dr Philip Carter discusses the suffrage series, 1918-2018. Understanding the Past in the 21st Century Debate is summarised by Matt Shaw, IHR Wohl Librarian. Dr Conor Wyer, Institute Manager, pays tribute to Hendrik Grothuis in an obituary. Beyond the Borders, International Documentary Festival is showcased by Professor Fox. The Fellowships Officer Daly Sarcos profiles the IHR’s brilliant group of incoming Junior Research Fellows. Fellows’ Corner: Workers or Victims? Historicising Child Labour in Africa by Dr Sacha Hepburn, Past & Present Fellow. Stray Voices: Claire Richardson highlights IHR recent conference What’s to be done with Betsey Rist?. The seminar in focus for this issue is Conversations and Disputations, outlined by Camilla Schofield and Rob Waters.


Past and Future – Spring/Summer 2018

The ‘Interieur meiner Wohnung’ (Interior of my apartment) is the cover image for this issue of Past and Future. It includes a profile of the IHR’s new Director and IHR’s exhibits among others.


Past and Future – Autumn/Winter 2017

The IHR’s ‘London women historians: a celebration and a conversation’ is the subject of our feature story and cover image for this issue of Past and Future. The IHR Winter conference on ‘Home: New Histories of Living’ is announced by Dr Peter Jones, Early Career Lecturer, and Dr Philip Carter, Head of IHR Digital; and Fellowships Officer Vanessa Rockel profiles the IHR’s brilliant and diverse group of incoming Junior Research Fellows. Dr Philip Carter discusses the impact and implications of 3D technology for historical research, as the Institute acquires a 3D printer. Michael (FML) Thompson’s recently-published collected historical essays are reviewed by Professor Lawrence Goldman; Alice Prochaska, Chair of the IHR Trust, pays tribute to Thompson in an obituary. A recent IHR display on Food History is summarised by Siobhan Morris, IHR Wohl Library Officer; and Jonathan Blaney, Editor, British History Online looks at the expansion and activities of the British and Irish Furniture Makers Online project. The IHR’s robust research training programme is showcased in a piece by Dr Simon Trafford, Research Training Officer. Assumptions about the female servant in early modern England are challenged by 2016-17 Economic History Society IHR Fellow, Charmian Mansell. Dr Peter Jones highlights upcoming events for the project ‘Stray Voices: The Unsettled History of Homelessness’. In Development News, a new Chair for the IHR Trust is announced and David Eisenberg is remembered. The seminar in focus for this issue is Digital History, outlined by James Baker and Tessa Hauswedell, seminar convenors.


Past and Future – Spring/Summer 2017

The centenary of the Russian Revolution inspires the cover image for this issue, as well as an article by Matthew Rendle, Guest Editor of a special issue of Historical Research on the same theme. ‘Night at the Library’ and ‘By the Seaside’ - IHR events held in November’s Being Human Festival - are remembered by Matt Shaw, IHR Wohl Librarian and Vanessa Rockel, IHR Fellowships and Publications Officer. Laurie Lindey, Research Officer for the IHR CMH’s English Furniture Makers Online, provides an overview of the project. Two IHR academics, Senior Fellow Jenny Stratford and recent PhD graduate Martin Spychal, are interviewed by Lawrence Goldman, Director of the IHR. Sara Charles, Editorial Assistant, Bibliography of British and Irish History at the IHR, showcases the Medieval Libraries of Great Britain database. New staff are welcomed to the IHR – VCH editor Angus Winchester (by Maureen McTaggart, Media and Public Relations Officer, SAS) and Philip Carter, Head of IHR Digital (by Vanessa Rockel). Philip Carter introduces readers to the Humanities Digital Library of open access monographs. The importance of being a Reservist (in the Royal Naval Reserve) is considered by Ben Thomas, IHR Pearsall Fellow in 2015-16. Taylor C. Sherman profiles the Comparative Histories of Asia seminar. The Development Office announces the Straschnov Studentship and the IHR’s new access to the Churchill Archive; appeals for contributions for vital work on the IHR Archives; updates us on the Layers of London project; and reviews the activities of the Friends of the IHR this year.


Past and Future – Autumn/Winter 2016

The IHR’s Layers of London project is profiled in detail by Matthew Davies, former Director of the Centre for Metropolitan History and Seif El Rashidi, Project Development Officer for Layers of London. Food history in the IHR is addressed by Siobhan Morris of the IHR Wohl Library, while Kelly A Spring announces the launch of the Food History seminar at the IHR, for which she is Lead Convenor. Siobhan also reflects on her experience as a graduate trainee in the IHR Library. Tom Hulme, Early Career Researcher at the IHR, invites registration for the conference Urban Belonging: History and the power of place. IHR Director, Lawrence Goldman, illuminates the IHR’s extensive fellowships programme for late-doctoral and post-doctoral researchers; and one of our 2015-16 doctoral fellows, Julia Leikin, summarises the Best Laid Plans conference organised by her along with Jennifer Keating and Roel Konijnendijk. The publication of The History of Parliament: The House of Lords 1660-1715 is reported by Paul Seaward of the History of Parliament research team. We bid farewell to Jane Winters and Matthew Davies, both long-term members of the IHR’s academic staff. Caroline Barron, Chair of the Friends of the IHR, eulogises Charles William (Bill) Kellaway; and Professor Carl Levy of Goldsmiths uses his “seminar in focus” piece to highlight the Modern Italian History seminar and to pay tribute to Christopher Duggan.


Past and Future – Spring/Summer 2016

The Ron Heisler collection of political ephemera at the Senate House Library is highlighted by Danny Millum of the IHR Digital team; Adam Chapman reviews Victoria County History’s work on seaside areas in advance of the IHR’s By the Seaside talk and exhibit in November. Former IHR Director, Miles Taylor, pays tribute to Asa Briggs; and current IHR Director, Lawrence Goldman, profiles the upcoming IHR 2017 winter conference on civil wars. Professor Goldman also reports on the IHR’s participation at the Magna Carta conference in Beijing. A series of historical walking tours led by the Survey of London in affiliation with the IHR are announced by Fellowships Officer, Vanessa Rockel, who also details the plan for the first of these walks, in Clerkenwell. Royal Historical Society and IHR Junior Research Fellow, Sarah Ward, writes on Welsh royalism and loyalism from 1640-88; and the Garden and Landscape History seminar is the “seminar is focus” for this issue.


Past and Future – Autumn/Winter 2015

The IHR is hosting two major events related to archives this season: the winter conference on ‘The Production of the Archive’ and the Gerald Aylmer seminar on ‘The Experience of the Archive’. IHR Director Lawrence Goldman offers an overview of these. With the History Now and Then programme, the IHR is bringing together 24 leading historians in six seminars over the course of this winter; Daniel Snowman, Senior Research Fellow, writes about the series and its purposes. Lawrence Goldman looks at current German historiography at the Institute, and at the IHR’s recent participation in a major conference on the transformation of the modern British state held in Osaka, Japan. The issue also includes an outline of the Legacy of Magna Carta at conference in China, in which Professor Goldman also took part. An update on recent publications is given by Victoria County History. Events Officer Gemma Dormer provides a report on last summer’s Anglo-American conference on Fashion in History, held at the IHR and at the Victoria & Albert Museum. An article on medieval baptism by Junior Research Fellow Carolyn Twomey comes out of a highly successful colloquium on Water in Anglo-Saxon England, organized Carolyn at the IHR. The Women’s History seminar series at the IHR is highlighted by Kelly Boyd, Senior Research Fellow.


Past and Future – Spring/Summer 2015

Architect Ninian Adair discusses the refurbishment of the IHR and Director Lawrence Goldman describes its official reopening by the Princess Royal; Sarah Milligan, publishing manager, welcomes the re-launch of British History Online; Professor Beverly Lemire, University of Alberta, considers the fluid and subversive uses of fashion; Gemma Dormer, events and marketing officer, and Lawrence Goldman report on recent and upcoming events at the Institute; Peter Webster of the British Library outlines a recent day conference on web archives as big data; Vanessa Rockel, fellowships officer and editor, interviews Jane Winters about her new post as professor of digital history; Benjamin Bankhurst, postdoctoral fellow of North American History, highlights some interesting finds in the early American history collections; Mellon Fellow Erica Siegel looks at women composers at the Proms; and the ‘Seminar in Focus’ this issue is History Lab, addressed by its chair, Daniel Gosling.


Past and Future – Autumn/Winter 2014

Paul Seaward, director of the History of Parliament, and Nicholas Vincent, professor of medieval history at the University of East Anglia, discuss the Magna Carta on the eve of its 800th anniversary; Jane Winters, reader in digital humanities and head of publications & IHR digital, reports on the 'Big UK Domain Data for the Arts and Humanities' project; Benjamin Bankhurst, postdoctoral fellow of North American History, explores Canadian history at the IHR; Manjeet Sambi, IHR events officer, details the goingson at the recent 'Great War at home' conference; Miles Taylor, outgoing IHR director, promotes the call for papers for next year's 84th Anglo-American Conference of Historians, on 'Fashion', as well as detailing the new 'Deana and Jack Eisenberg Lecture on Public History'; and William Pooley, Scouloudi fellow, reflects on the history of the body in 19th-century rural France.


Past and Future – Spring/Summer 2014

Kate Tiller, chair of the British Association for Local History discusses the importance of the local history dimension when exploring the First World War; Jill Pellew, senior research fellow at the IHR, investigates the era of ‘Utopian Universities’, ahead of the 2014 winter conference on the same theme; David Bates, honorary fellow and former director of the IHR, looks back at the recent launch of his book The Normans and Empire; Janet Waymark, senior research fellow at the IHR, explores garden history; John Cooper, senior lecturer in early modern history, discusses the on-going St Stephen’s Chapel project; John H. Arnold, professor of medieval history at Birkbeck College, examines the influence of prominent historian Eric Hobsbawm on the field of history; Emilie Murphy, RHS Centenary Fellow at the IHR, gives an account of her research project on Music and post-Reformation English Catholics; and Justin Bengry, honorary research fellow, reflects on the recently-launched seminar history of sexuality at the IHR.


Past and Future – Autumn/Winter 2013

Iwan Morgan, professor of US studies and Commonwealth Fund professor of American history at University College London, marks the anniversary of John F Kennedy’s assassination; Alix Green, convenor for public history seminar and Justin Champion, professor of history of early modern ideas at Royal Holloway, University of London, explores the role of public history in the UK; Matthew Ross, Thornley junior research fellow, and Thomas Smith, Scouloudi junior research fellow report on their recent conference on ecclesiastical authority; Manjeet Sambi, IHR events and publicity officer, reflects on the 82nd Anglo-American conference of historians; Elizabeth Williamson, general editor, Victoria County History gives an account of the recent Marc Fitch lecture; and Mark Connelly, professor of modern British military history, University of Kent reflects on the IHR’s war, society and culture seminar. 


Past and Future – Spring/Summer 2013

Past and Future, Issue 13 cover image

Sara Pennell, senior lecturer in early modern British history at the University of Roehampton, explores food history today; Tim Boon, head of research and public history at the Science Museum, highlights the untapped research potential of the Science Museum Group’s collections for historians; Taylor Downing, documentary filmmaker and historian, gives us an account of history on the television; Andrew Saint, general editor of the Survey of London, and David Kroll, Centre for Metropolitan History, reflect on London’s housing histories and the provision of homes since 1850; Jason M. Kelly, director of Indiana University-Perdue University Indianapolis Arts and Humanities Institute, reviews the impact of ten years of British History Online; Jennifer Aston, Eileen Power junior research fellow, shares her research on female bankruptcy in 19th-century England; and John Gillingham, emeritus professor of history at LSE, focuses on the IHR’s earlier middle ages seminar.


Past and Future - Autumn/Winter 2012

Past and Future, Issue 12 cover image

Sam Mullins, director of London Transport Museum, explores the history of the London Underground on the 150th anniversary of the opening of the world’s first underground line, the Metropolitan Railway; John Bowen, professor of 19th-century literature at the University of York, celebrates 200 years of Charles Dickens ahead of the Centre for Metropolitan History conference ‘Some tales of one city: Charles Dickens and London’; Jane Winters, IHR head of publications, reports on the launch of the IHR conference proceedings series; Elizabeth Williamson, VCH executive editor reports on David Starkey’s lecture on monarchy and the VCH diamond jubilee volume; Past and Present Society fellow Oleg Benesch shares his research on the way of the samurai in modern Japan; Robert Tittler, professor of history at Concordia University, writes on the IHR’s Canada connection; stories of the post-war IHR are shared in Cynthia Hawker’s recollections; Manjeet Sambi, IHR events and publicity officer, reports on the 2012 Anglo-American conference; and Arthur Burns focuses on the IHR’s British history in the long 18th century seminar.


Past and Future - Spring/Summer 2012

Newsletter image

Paul Cartledge, professor of Greek culture at Cambridge, considers the relationship between the ancients and moderns, by way of Athenian democracy and the Olympic games;  Jonathan Haslam, professor of international relations at Cambridge, reflects on the importance of biography to history; IHR director Miles Taylor investigates the cult of monarchy at the time of the last diamond jubilee; Elizabeth Williamson, VCH executive editor, reports on the rededication of the Victoria County History; CMH director Matthew Davies reports on the Locating London’s Past project; Scouloudi fellow Gabrielle Maas shares her research on history and activist song in Algeria; Michael Berkowitz, professor of Jewish history at UCL, focuses on the IHR’s new Jewish history seminar; and Peter Webster, IHR Digital, sets out the ways in which the IHR helps to shape web archiving policy at a national level.


Past and Future - Autumn/Winter 2011

Newsletter image

Novelist and historian Ian Mortimer reflects on the value of writing historical fiction ahead of our 2011 winter conference, ‘Novel approaches: from academic history to historical fiction’; Jenny Keating examines the teaching of history in 20th-century England; IHR librarian Jennifer Higham talks us through the relocation of the IHR’s library; James Lees, fellowships officer, looks back on ten years of the prestigious IHR Mellon fellowships in the humanities; Manjeet Sambi, events and publicity officer, reports on the 2011 Anglo-American conference on ‘Health in History’;  and two new online resources are launched: the History of Parliament Online and Connected Histories.


Past and Future - Spring/Summer 2011

Newsletter image

Monica Green of Arizona State University reflects on the history of health ahead of our 2011 Anglo-American conference ‘Health in History’; Jane Winters, IHR head of publications, recounts the early years of the Institute, now in its 90th year; Robin Francis, head of archive and library at the National Portrait Gallery, profiles their collection of the largest and most comprehensive survey of British portraiture anywhere in the world; and George Campbell Gosling and Matt Phillpott discuss the introduction of podcasting at the IHR.


Past and Future - Autumn/Winter 2010

Newsletter image

Mark Glancy, Senior Lecturer in History at Queen Mary, University of London, explores the cinema-going experience during the Second World War; Susan Martin, PhD student, Institute of Historical Research, examines the development of the National Portrait Gallery; Jane Winters, IHR Head of Publications, discusses the Connected Histories project and, with Peter Webster, the IHR’s digital future; and Manjeet Sambi, IHR Conference Officer, reports on the 2010 Anglo-American conference, on ‘Environments’, and looks forward to next year’s ‘Health in History’.


Past and Future - Spring/Summer 2010

Cover image

Glyn Davies, V&A Research Fellow and Curator, takes us on a behind-the-scenes tour of the V&A Museum's new galleries; Claire Shaw, IHR Scouloudi Fellow, investigates the use of mime in Soviet deaf theatre; Mel Hackett looks back on the achievements of the England's Past for Everyone project in bringing local history to life; IHR student Joanna Marchant tells us why the IHR is important to her research on the cultural impact of London museums; and Jenny Benham, Early English Laws Project Officer, speaks to Professor Bruce O'Brien about widening access to legal history.


Past and Future - Autumn/Winter 2009

Timeline Issue 6 Cover

Vivian Bickford-Smith explores how South African cities have been perceived in recent years; Mark Freeman from the University of Glasgow tells us how the IHR has played a significant part in his academic life; Michelle Hampshire gives us a glimpse into the IHR archive; and IHR student Mary Salinsky talks about her research into historiographies of Britain.


Past and Future - Spring/Summer 2009

Timeline Issue 5 Cover

Emma Flatt, IHR Past and Present Fellow, give us a taste of her research into the martial arts in medieval south India; Zhenzhen Zhou tells us how she has used the IHR during her time as a visiting student; and Making History Project Officer Danny Millum explains how the project puts the history discipline and profession into perspective.


Past and Future - Autumn/Winter 2008

Timeline Issue 4 Cover

Eitan Karol, author of Charles Holden: Architect, explores the design and building of Senate House, home of the IHR; IHR student Carlos López Galviz looks at the development of city railways; and Simon Townley explains the England’s Past for Everyone Burford project.


Past and Future - Spring/Summer 2008

Timeline Issue 3 Cover

Michael Clanchy looks at the effect of the Norman Conquest on Anglo-Saxon literacy; Samantha Letters uncovers the experiences of WWII POWs who sat University of London examinations during the war; and David Cannadine speaks to postgraduate network History Lab about the discipline today.


Timeline - Autumn/Winter 2007

Timeline Issue 2 Cover

Sears McGee, President of the American Friends of the IHR, shares his memories of the IHR in the 1960s; IHR Research Fellow Tanya Evans tells us about her exhibition into lone motherhood at The Women’s Library; and IHR student Helen Glew delves into the archives of the British Postal Museum.


Timeline - Spring/Summer 2007

Timeline Issue 1 Cover

Michael Wood talks about visiting India for the filming of his latest TV series; IHR Research Fellow Kate Bradley looks at state and voluntary sector involvement in the lives of 20th century children; and Charlie Turpie from the Guildhall Library seeks out sources on wine in the Library’s collections.