Institute of Historical Research research guides series

Aimed at new researchers in history, this series offers practical introductions to specific genres of sources, and to sources pertaining to particular sub-disciplines of history.

Published and forthcoming guides include Sian Barber, Using Film as a Source (2015) and Leone Hannan and Sarah Longhair, History through Material Culture (2017).

Each volume provides a survey of the historiography, examines relevant methodological issues, looks at available primary sources in different media and formats, and discusses the problems of their access and interpretation. The books include practical case studies and handy tips on how to avoid some of the pitfalls which may lie in wait for the inexperienced researcher. They are suitable for advanced final-year undergraduates, master’s and first-year PhD students, as well as for independent researchers who wish to take their work to a more advanced stage.

General editor: Lawrence Goldman

Series editors: Julie Spraggon, Simon Trafford and Jonathan Blaney

We welcome proposals for future study guides. Please contact