Using the library

We hope you find using the library productive. The library welcomes considerate readers. To make the reading rooms a pleasant and safe working environment and to preserve the collections, we ask that users comply with the following:

  • No eating or drinking in library areas, except bottled water.
  • Please keep your phone/computer in silent mode. Phone calls are only permitted on landings.
  • When using headphones, please make sure the sound is not audible to others.
  • Unless a room has been booked, rooms are for silent study only. Please keep the door open to make the space welcoming for other users.
  • Library materials may not be removed from the IHR. Please treat library materials and equipment with care. Book rests and weights are available from the enquiries office.┬áDo not mark or annotate any library materials.
  • Please reshelve books after use. If you wish to reserve items for the following day reservation slips are available.
  • You can use your own cameras or copying equipment. Please ensure that you comply with copyright and licencing regulations.
  • Library PCs are intended for the pursuit of historical research only.
  • The fire alarm is tested on Thursdays at 9:30am. If the alarm sounds at other times you must evacuate immediately, and follow staff instructions.
  • Reading rooms close 10 minutes before the final closure time.