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Medievalists have always found it difficult to interact with primary sources from their period of study due to a lack of training in palaeography (and manuscript studies), that is to say, the reading and understanding of ancient documents. This course provides scholars and the general public interested in medieval books and documents with online training on the diverse areas found within palaeography. Topics covered include general palaeography, the history of medieval scripts, diplomatic, codicology and illumination.

Medieval and Renaissance Latin

Course date(s): 
8 Oct 2018 to 25 Mar 2019

The Warburg Institute and the Institute of Historical Research are offering two courses (Beginners and Intermediate/Advanced) in late Medieval and Renaissance Latin in 2018-19. The courses are devised to train students to read and understand late Medieval and Renaissance documents. They will focus on grammar and vocabulary, and on the forms taken by commonly used documents as well as their texts.

Oral history spring school

Course date(s): 
11 Apr 2019 to 13 Apr 2019

‘There is a general lack of training related to using oral history in an academic context. This course was a very welcome development’ – participant in an Institute of Historical Research and Oral History Society Spring School to be staged again between 11 and 13 April 2019 at Senate House, London WC1E 7HU. The Oral History Spring School covers the theory and practice of oral history with the help of leading UK oral historians. Participants should have prior experience of oral history work to be ready to discuss remembering, the emotions, analysing data, the re-use of oral history interviews and contexts for oral history outputs.

Palaeography and diplomatic

Course date(s): 
2 Oct 2018 to 14 May 2019

The course is designed to help students to work with medieval and early modern manuscripts. It will be tailored as far as possible to individual needs within the group. Besides practical training (transcription, editing, the physical aspects of manuscripts and documents including illumination), the course introduces the history of script and its intellectual context from Roman times to c. 1600. Full use will be made of the incomparable manuscript and facsimile resources of the Palaeography Collection, Senate House Library. At least one visit will be to the British Library. In the second term English documents and manuscripts will be studied.

Language and palaeography courses | Institute of Historical Research


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