Research at the IHR

The Institute of Historical Research hosts an array of research projects and related activities, working alone and in collaboration with academic and non-academic partners. Projects based at the IHR range in time period from the medieval to the contemporary, and across geographical regions of the world. It has successfully obtained funding from the UK research councils, the JISC, and charitable trusts. Among its major enterprises is the Centre for Metropolitan History, which since 1988 has undertaken projects on the history of London and other metropolises. The IHR also coordinates the publication work of the Victoria County History, founded in 1899.

The results of research activity at the IHR are disseminated through a variety of print and online publications, as well as in lectures, seminars and other events. Research is supported by the staff of IHR as well as by the resources of the library and of partner organisations in London and elsewhere. Information about the publications and activities of academic staff and fellows can be found on the Staff pages.