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3D Research

Our staff are exploring the applications of 3D imaging and printing for humanities research and teaching.

Our 3D research

IHR staff are exploring the application of 3D imaging and printing in historical research.

As part of the School of Advanced Study's 3D Research Centre, we're working with other digital specialists across the School to explore and promote 3D practices in research, teaching and training.

Our interests include what 3D technologies can contribute to an understanding of histories of materiality, and of historical object making and use.

3D research in progress

How can the past be mapped and recreated with 3D imaging?

3D printing as research resource

What are the implications of 3D printing technology for researchers? Can we recreate artefacts from the past? Can we learn more about material culture?

3D imaging

How does 3D visualisation create new opportunities for historical recreation? What creative possibilities does this technology allow?

Exploring the known and unknown

What can 3D imaging technology teach us about the known and unknown past when it comes to material or built environments?