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In addition to British History Online's 1100 volumes of free content, we offer a further 200 volumes of research material available via subscription to BHO Premium.

What is BHO Premium?

BHO Premium is a collection of 200 volumes of key research content available via individual and institutional subscription. This content is additional to the 1100 volumes that are available on BHO without charge. 

British History Online is a not-for-profit resource. Income from BHO Premium subscriptions is used for the project's sustainability and to ensure that 85% of BHO content remains freely available to all.

What is included in BHO Premium?

Calendars of State Papers, and other resources

BHO Premium provides access to 200 volumes of research content, including:

  • Calendars of State Papers, Domestic, 1547-1704
  • Calendars of State Papers, Scotland and Ireland, 1547-1606
  • Calendars of Close Rolls and Patent Rolls, 1244-1509
  • Calendars of Home Office papers for George III
  • Parliament Rolls of Medieval England

Calendars provide very detailed summaries of the original manuscript archive. A sample CSP volume is available for consultation: the Domestic Papers for James I, 1603-1610.

Page scans of 200 BHO volumes

BHO Premium also provides access to page scans of 200 volumes contained within British History Online. Page scans include all volumes in the following, and other, series:

  • Calendars of State Papers, Domestic, 1547-1707
  • Calendars of State Papers, Scotland and Ireland, 1547-1606
  • Calendars of Close Rolls, 1244-1509
  • Calendars of State Papers, Foreign, 1547-1589, covering the reigns of Mary and Elizabeth, and reports of the Armada invasion attempt

A sample of BHO page scans is available: the Domestic Papers for James I, 1603-1610 (November 1605, covering government reports on the Gunpowder Plot).

How to subscribe to BHO Premium

Institutional subscriptions

For institutions within the UK, our subscriptions are managed via Jisc. Please consult Jisc to find out about our pricing. You may also request a free one-month trial via Jisc. For UK subscribers, we support IP, proxy and Shibboleth authentications.

For institutions outside the UK, we offer one-year subscriptions to Premium Content. Our pricing is on a sliding scale based on the size of an institution. Please contact the BHO editorial team to request a free one-month trial. For RoW subscribers, we support IP and proxy authentications.

Further information on institutional subscriptions is available via the British History Online site.

Individual subscriptions

We offer a range of one, five and ten-year subscription plans for individual researchers. Individual plans include access to the 200 volumes of core research content and 200 volumes of page scans.