Title pages of two Victoria County History Volumes

Counties A-Z

Explore a list of all counties covered by the Victoria County History, and discover what new research is happening in your area.

Victoria County History counties

Discover more about all English counties covered or partially covered by the Victoria County History. Select a county from the alphabetical list below to visit that county’s project page and find details about existing and current research. Explore volumes that have been published in a county series, and learn about VCH work in progress. Soon, we'll add links that share news and other local history activities on each county project page. 

As you search through the list, remember: 

  • The VCH uses the historic (pre-1974) divisions and names of English counties
  • At this time, the VCH covers England only
  • If the county you're searching for isn't listed, it may not have been started yet
  • If your county has not been started or has had to stop work through lack of funding, please contact the VCH central office to see if you can assist with fundraising for this important local and national resource
  • You can read draft texts for volumes in progress 
This map shows where the VCH is currently active, and areas where work has yet to take place.