The Victoria County History of Berkshire

The Victoria County History of Berkshire was completed in four volumes between 1906 and 1924, with a separate index volume produced in 1927. It owed much to the 18th-century tradition of the scientific study of the local environment with sections in Volume I (1906) on geology and natural history as well as prehistory, Anglo-Saxon archaeology, and the Domesday Book. Volume II, includes ecclesiastical history, and religious houses Political History, Social and Economic History, Schools, Sport, Agriculture, Forestry. The hundreds and parishes were handled topographically in Volumes III and IV.

Note that because the county was completed before the Second World War, those areas which were subsequently incorporated into Oxfordshire are treated within Berkshire.

The part of Volume II describing medieval religious houses, together with Volumes III and IV, are available via British History Online. For all other volumes, check your library listings or your local archive.