The Victoria County History of Derbyshire

Two volumes were published in the early 20th century, Volume I (1905) and Volume II (1907) before a cessation of VCH activity in the county.  Work formally restarted in 2002 and between 2005 and 2010, VCH Derbyshire was part of the England's Past for Everyone project. As a result, two paperback volumes were published; Bolsover: Castle, Town and Colliery and Hardwick: A Great House and its Estate. Derbyshire Volume III, Bolsover and Adjoining Parishes (2013) describes small market town of Bolsover in north-east Derbyshire and four parishes immediately to its north (Barlborough, Clowne, Elmton - including Creswell - and Whitwell).

Part of volume II, detailing the medieval religious houses of Derbyshire, is available free, open-access on British History Online. For full access to all volumes, check your local library catalogue or your local archive. 

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