County history in progress

When completed, the Victoria County History of Gloucestershire Volume 14 will cover all the ancient parishes of Lower Grumbalds Ash Hundred, including:

  • Acton Turville
  • Chipping Sodbury
  • Dodington
  • Little Sodbury
  • Old Sodbury
  • Tormarton
  • Wapley with Codrington
  • West Littleton
  • Yate

Work on this volume started with Yate and was published as a VCH Short in autumn 2015 with the support of a group of volunteers based at the Yate Heritage Centre. The Gloucestershire County History Trust is very pleased to record its gratitude to South Glos Council for funding this work.

The Yate volume formed the springboard for the next stage on the project, to research the three adjacent parishes of Chipping Sodbury, Lttle Sodbury and Old Sodbury. With this work largely complete, we are now turning our attention to the remaining parishes.

The Sodburys

Work on the three adjacent parishes of Chipping Sodbury, Lttle Sodbury and Old Sodbury began in 2016 and is now nearing completion. Beth Hartland researched the medieval period for all three parishes, while Alex Craven works on the early modern and later material.

We have been very fortunate to receive significant grant support for this stage from the Bristol & Gloucestershire Archaeological Society, and further assistance from South Glos Council and Hanson PLC.

If you are interested in joining the volunteers who are helping with the research for this volume, please see the VCH Gloucestershire Academy website for more details.

Comments on the drafts are very welcome, and can be sent by email to Jan Broadway.

Draft histories in progress

Little Sodbury - draft textPDF331.63 KB
Old Sodbury - draft textPDF541 KB

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