Kirby Bellars was a thriving parish in medieval times, but enclosure in the early 17th century resulted in deliberate depopulation. The site of the priory has been disputed in the past, but research within this parish history has uncovered unambiguous documents which clarify matters. This draft parish history has been researched and written by VCH volunteer Dr Alan Fox, who lived in the village for many years. Our aim is to include a final version within a 'VCH red book' covering Melton Mowbray and surrounding parishes, when funds permit.

Comments on this draft entry should be sent to the county editor, Pamela Fisher, by email.

Kirby Bellars - Introduction by Dr Alan FoxPDF784.11 KB
Kirby Bellars - Sites and Buildings by Dr Alan FoxPDF523.34 KB
Kirby Bellars - Landownership by Dr Alan FoxPDF322.67 KB
Kirby Bellars - Economic History by Dr Alan FoxPDF321.24 KB
Kirby Bellars - Social History by Dr Alan FoxPDF300.76 KB
Kirby Bellars - Religious History by Dr Alan FoxPDF337.78 KB
Kirby Bellars - Local Government by Dr Alan FoxPDF193.43 KB