The parish of St George's Hanover Square encompasses Mayfair and Belgravia, of which large areas were built by the Grosvenor Estate. This VCH Short will relate the history of the parish, from its inception in 1725, to the establishment of the London County Council in 1900. Following the outline of the recent short on St Clement Danes, the book will describe the built environment of grand squares and aristocratic houses. It will explain the local government of the vestry, including schools and charities, as well as the wider political culture in the parish, involving the many political luminaries resident there. Finally, it will cover the economic and religious life of the parish.

This work is funded by the generosity of the Grosvenor Estate and the Westminster History Club.

Draft text updated July 2020. Comments on this draft text are welcome and should be addressed to the author, Dr Francis Boorman, by email.

St George's Hanover Square - Settlement, by Francis Boorman PDF 426.88 KB
St George's Hanover Square - Economic Life, by Francis Boorman PDF 342.33 KB
St George's Hanover Square - Hospitals, by Francis Boorman PDF 192.72 KB
St George's Hanover Square - Charities, by Francis Boorman and Jonathan Comber PDF 198.17 KB
St George's Hanover Square - Political Life, by Francis Boorman PDF 721.4 KB
St George's Hanover Square - Vestry Government, by Francis Boorman PDF 784.19 KB