Work in Progress

This volume (covering the west Oxfordshire market town of Chipping Norton and half a dozen neighbouring places) is now in production, and will appear in the autumn. The draft histories formerly available here are superseded by the published volume, and have been removed except for the volume introduction.

The volume examines Chipping Norton’s development from its medieval origins to the present day, encompassing buildings and topography, economic history, society and politics, and religious history. The surrounding rural parishes were mostly agricultural, although Hook Norton developed significant ironstone quarrying in the 1880s-1940s, and is well known for its still-functioning Victorian brewery. Other features include parks and country houses, the remains (at Swerford and Chipping Norton) of early motte-and-bailey castles, and the Rollright Stones, one of the most important prehistoric complexes in Oxfordshire.

Places included: Chipping Norton borough - Hook Norton - Over Norton - Great Rollright - Little Rollright - Salford - Swerford and Showell

Volume Overview

Chipping Norton - Volume Overview PDF 1.88 MB