Work in progress

This volume (on which work began in autumn 2015) is now complete and has been successfully peer-reviewed, and will be published in 2021 or 2022. It covers twelve South Chiltern parishes including Goring, Mapledurham, and Caversham (now a densely settled suburb of Reading), and completes VCH Oxfordshire's work on the Chiltern area.

An overview of the area (which will form the volume introduction) is available below as a PDF. Individual parishes covered are: 

  • Caversham 
  • Checkendon
  • Crowmarsh Gifford 
  • Eye and Dunsden (part of Sonning parish, Berks.) 
  • Goring 
  • Ipsden
  • Mapledurham 
  • Mongewell 
  • Newnham Murren 
  • North Stoke
  • Shiplake 
  • Whitchurch

Please note that the individual parish drafts below are unrevised, and differ in some important respects from what will be the final published versions.

Please submit any corrections or comments to the County Editor via email to Simon Townley.

Publication of this volume will leave just three more needed to complete the Oxfordshire series, focused respectively on Burford, Chadlington, and Chipping Norton.


The South Oxfordshire Chilterns - An OverviewPDF1.71 MB


VCH Oxfordshire vol. 20 - MapPDF117.18 KB


Caversham - Landscape, Settlement and Buildings by Stephen Mileson [August 2019]PDF1.6 MB
Caversham - Landownership by Stephen Mileson [August 2019]PDF1.29 MB
Caversham - Economic History by Stephen Mileson [August 2019]PDF1.16 MB
Caversham - Social History by Stephen Mileson [August 2019]PDF912.56 KB
Caversham - Religious History by Stephen Mileson [August 2019]PDF1.59 MB
Caversham - Local Government by Stephen Mileson [August 2019]PDF715.48 KB


Checkendon - Introduction by Simon DraperPDF1.26 MB
Checkendon - Landownership by Simon DraperPDF1.23 MB
Checkendon - Economic History by Simon DraperPDF757.38 KB
Checkendon - Social History by Simon DraperPDF909.34 KB
Checkendon - Religious History by Simon DraperPDF1.37 MB
Checkendon - Local Government by Simon DraperPDF113.79 KB

Crowmarsh Gifford

Crowmarsh Gifford - Landscape, Settlement and Buildings by Mark PagePDF960.69 KB
Crowmarsh Gifford - Landownership by Mark PagePDF527.02 KB
Crowmarsh Gifford - Economic History by Mark PagePDF834.85 KB
Crowmarsh Gifford - Social History by Mark PagePDF792.33 KB
Crowmarsh Gifford - Religious History by Mark PagePDF950.92 KB
Crowmarsh Gifford -Local Government by Mark PagePDF213.2 KB

Eye and Dunsden

Eye and Dunsden - Landscape, Settlement and Buildings by Stephen MilesonPDF2.18 MB
Eye and Dunsden - Landownership by Stephen MilesonPDF523.7 KB
Eye and Dunsden - Economic History by Stephen MilesonPDF1.38 MB
Eye and Dunsden - Social History by Stephen MilesonPDF1.33 MB
Eye and Dunsden - Religious History by Stephen MilesonPDF1.29 MB
Eye and Dunsden - Local Government by Stephen MilesonPDF504.05 KB


Goring - Landscape, Settlement and Buildings by Simon Draper [July 2019]PDF2.38 MB
Goring - Landownership by Simon Draper [July 2019]PDF1.09 MB
Goring - Economic History by Simon Draper [July 2019]PDF1.51 MB
Goring - Social History by Simon Draper [July 2019]PDF1.85 MB
Goring - Religious History by Simon Draper [July 2019]PDF2.55 MB
Goring - Local Government by Simon Draper [July 2019]PDF606.37 KB


Ipsden - Introduction by Mark PagePDF1.45 MB
Ipsden - Landownership by Mark PagePDF647.67 KB
Ipsden - Economic History by Mark PagePDF814.69 KB
Ipsden - Social History by Mark PagePDF1 MB
Ipsden - Religious History by Mark PagePDF1.19 MB
Ipsden - Local Government by Mark PagePDF212.65 KB


Mapledurham - Landscape, Settlement and Buildings by Stephen MilesonPDF1.48 MB
Mapledurham - Landownership by Stephen MilesonPDF1.45 MB
Mapledurham - Economic History by Stephen MilesonPDF1.43 MB
Mapledurham - Social History by Stephen MilesonPDF1.14 MB
Mapledurham - Religious History by Stephen MilesonPDF1.01 MB
Mapledurham - Local Government by Stephen MilesonPDF459.66 KB


Mongewell - Landscape, Settlement and Buildings by Mark PagePDF750.92 KB
Mongewell - Landownership by Mark PagePDF748.74 KB
Mongewell - Economic History by Mark PagePDF916.38 KB
Mongewell - Social History by Mark PagePDF881.45 KB
Mongewell - Religious History by Mark PagePDF1.16 MB
Mongewell - Local Government by Mark PagePDF427.36 KB

Newnham Murren

Newnham Murren - Landownership by Mark PagePDF899.62 KB
Newnham Murren - Landownership by Mark PagePDF550.49 KB
Newnham Murren - Economic History by Mark PagePDF591.57 KB
Newnham Murren - Social History by Mark PagePDF627.04 KB
Newnham Murren - Religious History by Mark PagePDF628.93 KB
Newnham Murren - Local Government by Mark PagePDF206.8 KB

North Stoke

North Stoke - Introduction by Mark PagePDF1.21 MB
North Stoke - Landownership by Mark PagePDF756.92 KB
North Stoke - Economic History by Mark PagePDF755.26 KB
North Stoke - Social History by Mark PagePDF670.41 KB
North Stoke - Religious History by Mark PagePDF1.16 MB
North Stoke - Local Government by Mark PagePDF210.59 KB


Shiplake - Landscape, Settlement and Buildings by Stephen MilesonPDF1.19 MB
Shiplake - Landownership by Stephen MilesonPDF1.05 MB
Shiplake - Economic History by Stephen MilesonPDF1.02 MB
Shiplake - Social History by Stephen MilesonPDF953.57 KB
Shiplake - Religious History by Stephen MilesonPDF977.35 KB
Shiplake - Local History by Stephen MilesonPDF608.88 KB


Whitchurch - Landscape, Settlement and Buildings by Simon DraperPDF1.93 MB
Whitchurch - Landownership by Simon DraperPDF2.06 MB
Whitchurch - Economic History by Simon DraperPDF1021.28 KB
Whitchurch - Social History by Simon DraperPDF1.44 MB
Whitchurch - Religious History by Simon DraperPDF2.67 MB
Whitchurch - Local Government by Simon DraperPDF439.65 KB