The Victoria County History of Shropshire

Volume I was published in 1908, but no further work took place in the county until it resumed in 1961 after an agreement was struck between Shropshire County Council and the University of London. Volumes II, III, IV, VIII, X and XI appeared subsequently. Supported by a grant from the Marc Fitch Fund, work is currently ongoing to prepare a two-part volume. The most recent volume to appear was the first part of a two-part account of Shrewsbury (volume VI), supported by a grant from the Marc Fitch Fund, which was published in 2014. 

In 2015 a new county committee was established and research continues on the second volume of Shrewsbury (which will be thematic in arrangement) with draft text being added from time to time to the VCH Shropshire website. The county committee has also commissioned a VCH Short on the north Shropshire town of Wem, published late in November 2019. Research is also being undertaken on the townships of Wem Rural and text will also appear on the VCH Shropshire website as it is finalised.

The Committee has prepared a scoping study for the market town of Newport and hopes, funding permitting, to recommence work there in 2020.

Four of the eight volumes published are on British History Online. For full access to all volumes, check your local library catalogue or your local archive. 

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