Support VCH Staffordshire Trust

The progress of research and writing in Staffordshire has benefitted from the generous support of both Staffordshire County Council and Keele University. The county finances a substantial proportion of the costs of the project and provides office space for the staff in the William Salt Library, in Eastgate Street, Stafford. The William Salt Library houses a wealth of printed source material for local history and is located next door to the Staffordshire Record Office, the principle repository for manuscript records for the county. Therefore, the VCH staff are ideally situated to make extensive use of the two main archives relevant to the history of Staffordshire. Keele University, in addition to its financial support and office space for the project, provides on-site expertise in computing and cartography.

The Staffordshire VCH is keen to explore new avenues for funding, to enable more extensive fieldwork trips and to fund the acquisition of resources such as microfilmed manuscripts deposited outside of Staffordshire or rights to illustrations. Staff are also eager to hear from anyone who would like to get involved with VCH research. Anyone willing to help with funds, fundraising activity or research assistance is welcome to contact the county editor Dr Nigel Tringham (

An APPEAL FUND has recently been established as part of the national VCH County History Trust, which has charitable status. Please contact the county editor for further details.