VCH Surrey Publications

The county of Surrey, including those areas now in Greater London, was completed in four volumes in the early years of the 20th century.

Red Book Publications

Volume I

This introductory volume was published in 1902 and edited by H.E. Malden. It contains the following entries:

  • Natural History
  • Early Man
  • Anglo-Saxon Remains
  • Introduction to the Surrey Domesday
  • The Text of the Surrey Domesday
  • Political History
  • Index to the Surrey Domesday

The full text is available at the Internet Archive.

Volume II

This volume, also edited by H.E. Malden, was published in 1905.

It contains a history of the medieval Religious Houses in the county, which are all available on British History Online.

It also contains the following entries:

    • Ecclesiastical History
    • Military History
    • History of Schools
    • Industries
    • Ecclesiastical Architecture
    • Domestic Architecture
    • Sport Ancient and Modern
    • Forestry
    • Farnham Hundred

The full text is available at the Internet Archive.

Volume III

This volume, edited by H.E. Malden, was published in 1911. It covers the parishes in the south and west of the county, including the town of Kingston-upon-Thames, which is now part of Greater London. It includes the following entries:

  • Godalming Hundred
  • Blackheath Hundred
  • Wotton Hundred
  • Reigate Hundred
  • Copthorne Hundred
  • Effingham Hundred
  • Woking Hundred
  • Godley Hundred
  • Elmbridge Hundred
  • Kingston Hundred
  • Guildford Borough

The full text is available via British History Online and also the Internet Archive.

Volume IV

Published in 1912, this volume was also edited by H. E. Malden. It covers the areas in the north of the county, much of which is now South London, including Southwark, Lambeth, Wandsworth, Merton and Sutton. It also covers the eastern area of the county, which is not part of Greater London.

The following entries are available via British History Online:

  • Brixton Hundred
  • Wallington Hundred
  • Tandridge Hundred

The volume also includes the following entries, which are currently unavailable online:

  • Romano-British Surrey
  • Ancient Earthworks
  • Social and Economic History
  • Agriculture