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Volume 20 covers the town of Chippenham and the surrounding parishes of Bremhill, Chippenham, Christian Malford (including the detached hamlet of Avon), Hardenhuish, Kington St Michael (including Kington Langley), Langley Burrell, Pewsham (extra-parochial), and Tytherton Kellaways.

Work on Chippenham is well advanced and a draft text comprising sections completed to date can be read below. The remaining sections are in progress. Please be aware that these are drafts only, and considerable editing and revision will take place before publication.

We are also working with the parishes of Bremhill, Kington Langley and Kington St Michael: the Kingtons are raising funds locally to help with the production of the relevant chapter and it is hoped to begin work on them shortly. Louise Ryland-Epton is working with volunteers in Bremhill on a part lottery-funded project to produce a popular community history of this scattered parish, alongside the relevant chapter for the VCH volume.

More information about the work and our authors is on our website. If you have any comments, corrections or general feedback on this text, please contact John Chandler by email. 

Draft Text

This is a draft of the VCH account of Chippenham parish, covers the following sections (sections in progress are noted in the text):

  • Landscape, Settlement and Buildings
  • Government and Politics (including  Public Services and Utilities and Parliamentary Representation).
  • Economic History
  • Social History (including social structure, social welfare, inns and public houses and education)
  • Religious History

From page 162 onwards, draft material for Outer Chippenham is included. This comprises partial drafts of the following:

  • Allington (including Fowlswick)
  • Lowden
  • Monkton
  • Nethermore
  • Rowden
  • Sheldon
  • Stanley
  • Tytherton Lucas

It aims to conform to the revised VCH parish history template, issued in November 2017, and is prefaced by the introductory paragraph. The project is overseen by John Chandler, Consultant Editor, VCH Wiltshire.

The first part of Landscape, Settlement and Buildings, up to p. 15, was completed in December 2017; the second part, ‘Origins, Growth and Development’ was completed in December 2019, and research and writing has been assisted by a generous grant from the Marc Fitch Fund. Note that this second part is concerned only with the town and its development. The outlying settlements within the parish of Chippenham are described in another section of this history. Sketch maps have been included to assist the reader unfamiliar with Chippenham, and will be revised and redrawn for the red book publication.

 All copy on these webpages is copyright University of London.

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Hardenhuish - January 2021 draft PDF 380.69 KB
Kington Langley - September 2023 draft PDF 522.99 KB
Kington St Michael - September 2023 draft PDF 843.77 KB
Langley Burrell - January 2023 draft PDF 655.94 KB

Chippenham - Sources

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