Work in Progress

Volume XXI will cover the south-eastern corner of Wiltshire.

The basis of VCH research is the civil parish as constituted in 1866, which may differ from the modern civil parish. The fourteen civil parishes (created out of 11 ancient parishes and an extra-parochial place) to be included in the volume, comprising the hundreds of Alderbury and Frustfield, occupy an irregular area some 22km north to south and 12km east to west, lying between Salisbury and the county boundary with Hampshire. Downton hundred (treated in volume XI) lies to the south, Salisbury city and the hundred of Underditch, the Woodford valley (volume VI), to the west, Amesbury hundred (volume XV) to the north, and Hampshire to the east. The parishes of Britford and East Harnham, to the south-west, lay in the hundred of Cawdon and Cadworth, which will be the subject of a future volume. The bordering Hampshire parishes, in Thorngate hundred, were included in VCH Hampshire, volume IV.

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VCH Wiltshire XXI - Area Map

Map showing area covered by VCH Wiltshire vol. XXI PDF 163.1 KB

Draft Text

Landford, complete draft, by Rosalind Johnson, 2023 PDF 395.42 KB