Our community

The Victoria County History relies on the generous support provided by interested and committed individuals and institutions, especially those with strong links in their local areas. Without your support we would be unable to continue the production of high-quality local history resources in print and online. Every VCH Red Book volume or VCH Short is the result of unrivalled research and the superb work of volunteers.

The VCH project is powered by the commitment, expertise, enterprise and energy of Trustees, researchers and authors, volunteers, and supporters across the country. Here in Central Office at the IHR, we are hugely conscious of the immense contributions made by so many VCH friends and colleagues.

We are delighted to introduce VCH Outstanding Contribution Awards, as a small way to recognise and honour exceptional contributions to the VCH, and to express our gratitude.

Volunteering with the Victoria County History

If you are interested in volunteering for the VCH, please contact one of the project teams currently conducting research. Explore the full Counties A-Z list to find an active project in your area. 

Giving to the Victoria County History

If you would like to support the VCH financially, please consider donating to the Victoria County History Trust. You can request that your gift contributes to a specific research task, a particular training programme, or to starting new work in an individual county, town or, where possible, parish. 

The Victoria County History Trust holds money for active VCH county research projects that do not have their own trust or charitable status, and offers small grants to those that do. You can also donate to the IHR Trust, earmarking your gift to support the work of the VCH.

To discuss how your gift could support us, please contact the Editor, Dr Adam Chapman or the Director, Professor Catherine Clarke. If you would like to remember to VCH in your will, please contact the Institute of Historical Research Development Office.

Key contacts to make a gift to support the VCH