About the Trust

The Victoria County History Trust is a registered charity, in England and Wales, no. 1043526. which makes discretionary grants to county history organisations for specific purposes such as the cost of cartography, archival research, publication costs or additional work not funded from their own trust or appeal. It can also fund new work in counties where work on a Victoria County History (alternatively known as the ‘Red Book’) has already been completed or has stalled. In several counties, VCH volumes were completed many years ago and would benefit from updating, in others only a few VCH volumes have ever been published.

The Trust depends entirely on donations to fund its activities. If you would like to support its work in advancing local history research and publication, then please consider either making a donation (with Gift Aid, if applicable), or including a legacy in your will. 
Legacies can be for either a set amount, or for a part (or whole) of the remaining estate after specific bequests (‘the residual estate’). You may not be aware that under current legislation, if 10% or more of the total estate is gifted to charity, then the rate of inheritance tax on the entire estate falls from 40% to 36%, reducing the impact of charitable gifts on the estate.
To contact the Trust, either write to Victoria County History Trust, Institute of Historical Research, Senate House, Malet Street, University of London, Malet Street, WC1E 7HU or e-mail the Trust Treasurer, Dr David Lewis.