Institute of Historical Research

Electronic Journal of International History

ISSN 1471-1443

All back issues of the journal have now been archived on SAS-Space. Please view, download and reference the issues using the link below:

Electronic Journal of International History archived collection on SAS-Space

The eJIH, which is no longer active, was launched in 2000 with the aim of encouraging research in international history. It embraced all aspects of the history of relations between states and societies, and aimed to promote an understanding of the breadth, depth and policy relevance of international history by examining how the politics, societies, economies and traditions of countries have shaped and influenced international relations since circa 1500.

The journal welcomed contributions from historians working on a wide range of areas, for example:

  • Traditional diplomatic questions;
  • British bilateral relations with other states and participation in wider alliances and international organisations;
  • Transnational history (relations between states not involving Britain);
  • Domestic political and cultural dimensions;
  • Studies of conflict and confrontation and particular crises;
  • Alliances and international organisations;
  • Foreign trade, to include economic relations and economic diplomacy;
  • Cultural relations;
  • Military and intelligence issues;
  • Propaganda, information policy and psychological operations;
  • The development of international law;
  • Ethical concerns, such as the impact of technological change;
  • Historiographical debates.


  • Anthony Best, London School of Economics
  • Larry Butler, University of East Anglia
  • Keith Hamilton, FCO Historian
  • Kate Morris, Joint Services Command & Staff College
  • Gillian Staerck, Centre for Contemporary British History
  • Glyn Stone, University of West of England
  • John Young, University of Nottingham.

The journal ceased to be published in 2005.