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Household of Princess Augusta 1736-72: Alphabetical list of Appointees

List of Appointments

Barnes, - Physician c. 1755-1763.

Barton, Cutts Clerk of Closet 1765-72.

Bayly, Lady Catherine Woman of Bedchamber 1750-66.

Berkeley, Elizabeth Countess of Lady of Bedchamber 1745-72.

Betton, James Gentleman Usher Quarterly Waiter c.1749-1750.

Bludworth, Thomas Commissioner of Stables 1751-72.

Boone, Daniel Clerk of Household 1751-61; 1764-72.

Boscawen, Lucy Maid of Honour 1741-6.

Boston, William (Irby) 1st Baron see Irby, Sir William

Bramston, Edmund Gentleman Usher of Privy Chamber1751-60. Auditor 1760-63.

Breton, - Woman of Bedchamber 1768-72.

Bromfield, Charles Surgeon 1771-2.

Bromfield, William Surgeon 1757-71.

Chudleigh, Elizabeth Maid of Honour 1744-69.

Clavering, Margaret Woman of Bedchamber 1736-72.

Cornwall, Catherine Woman of Bedchamber 1750-72.

Cresset, James Secretary 1746-9. Auditor 1749-? Secretary 1751- 72.

Cust, Sir John, 3rd Bart. Clerk of Household 1751-6.

Davall, Francis Philip Physician c. 1755-68.

Dive, Charlotte Maid of Honour 1736-62.

Drax, Elizabeth Maid of Honour 1744-c. 1745.

Edwyn, Lady Charlotte Lady of Bedchamber 1737-72.

Effingham, Annie Countess of Lady of Bedchamber 1726-?

Egerton, - Maid of Honour 1756-60.

Egerton, - Woman of Bedchamber 1760-72.

Egerton, - Maid of Honour 1769-72.

Egerton, William Gentleman Usher Quarterly Waiter1760-72.

Evelyn, - Maid of Honour 1763-72.

Evelyn, Mary Woman of Bedchamber 1736-50.

Gowland, John Apothecary 1751-72.

Granville, - Woman of Bedchamber 1756-72.

Granville, Elizabeth Maid of Honour 1742-56.

Greenway, - Gentleman Usher Quarterly Waiter 1753-1758.

Greenway, - Gentleman Usher Daily Waiter 1760-63.Gentleman Usher of Privy Chamber 1763-4.

Greenway, Robert Gentleman Usher Daily Waiter 1764-1772.

Grimston, Hon. Harbottle Gentleman Usher Daily Waiter1736-?

Hales, Stephen Clerk of Closet 1751-61.

Hamilton, Elizabeth Maid of Honour 1738-42.

Hamilton, James Page of Honour 1742-?

Hamilton, Lady Jane Groom of Stole and Mistress of Robes 1736-45.

Hamilton, William Page of Honour 1736-9.

Hawkins, Caesar Surgeon c. 1755-1772.

Hawley, Hon. William Gentleman Usher Daily Waiter1742-56.

Herbert, Arabella Maid of Honour 1736-? Woman of Bedchamber 1738- 56.

Hildesley, Francis Gentleman Usher Quarterly Waiter1736-57.

Howe, Maria Sophia Viscountess Lady of Bedchamber1743-72.

Irby, - Maid of Honour 1771-2.

Irby, Sir William, 2nd Bart. (cr. Baron Boston 10 Apr. 1761) Vice Chamberlain/Chamberlain 1736-72.

Irwin, Anne Viscountess Lady of Bedchamber 1736-64.

Jenkinson, Charles Auditor 1765-72.

Keck, - Maid of Honour 1769-71.

Lawson, - Maid of Honour 1761-9.

Lawson, Elizabeth Maid of Honour 1745-59.

Layard, Daniel Peter Physician 1763-72.

Layton, - Gentleman Usher Quarterly Waiter 1753-8.

Lee, George (ktd. 1752) Treasurer 1751-7.

Leighton, Hednry Gentleman Usher Quarterly Waiter 1764-72.

Leighton, Herbert Page of Honour 1738-42.

Leighton, Jane Woman of Bedchamber 1736-59.

Leslie, Andrew Equerry 1751-72.

Madan, Charles Page of Honour c. 1755-1757.

Maitland, - Gentleman Usher Daily Waiter 1756-8.

Maitland, - Gentleman Usher Quarterly Waiter 1758-64.

Maitland, - Equerry 1763-72.

Maitland, James Page of Honour 1766-72.

Maitland, Hon. John Gentleman Usher Quarterly Waiter 1736-53.

Martin, Samuel Treasurer (joint) 1757-63; (sole) 1763-72.

Middlesex, Grace Countess of Mistress of Robes 1747-63.

Milbank, Edward Page of Honour 1736-8.

Montagu, Charles Auditor 1751-9.

Montolieu, - Gentleman Usher Quarterly Waiter 1758-60. Gentleman Usher Daily Waiter 1760-64. Gentleman Usher of Privy Chamber 1764-72.

Mordaunt, Thomas Osbert Page of Honour 1745-?

Mostyn, Mary Bridget Maid of Honour 1746-72.

Nevill, Catherina Maid of Honour 1746-62.

Neville, - Maid of Honour 1763-72.

Orme, Garton Gentleman Usher Daily Waiter 1736-? Gentleman Usher of Privy Chamber 1742-58.

Osborn, Henry Page of Honour c. 1755-1761.

Parkhurst, Robert Page of Honour 1745-?

Parsons, John Gentleman Usher Quarterly Waiter 1763-72.

Payne, Jane Woman of Bedchamber 1736-67.

Potter, Thomas Secretary 1749-51.

Powlett, George Gentleman Usher Quarterly Waiter 1758-60; 1763- 72.

Pringle, Sir John, 1st Bart. Physician 1768-72.

Robinson, - Gentleman Usher of Privy Chamber 1760-63.

Robinson, Andrew Gentleman Usher Quaterly Waiter 1736-50. Equerry 1753-63.

Robinson, Robert Gentleman Usher Quarterly Waiter1750-60.

Robinson, Robert Equerry 1751-3.

Robinson, Robert Gentleman Usher Daily Waiter 1764-72.

Scarbrough, Frances Countess of Lady of Bedchamber1743-72.

Scott, William Equerry 1751-8.

Scott, William Clerk of Household 1757-72.

Selwyn, Albinia Maid of Honour 1736-46.

Stratton, James Gentleman Usher Quarterly Waiter 1737-53.

Thomas, Charles Nassau Page of Honour 1761-71.

Thomas, Sir Edmund, 3rd Bart. Clerk of Household 1756-7. Treasurer (joint) 1757-63.

Thomas, Frederick Page of Honour 1756-66.

Thomas, Thomas Page of Honour c. 1755-1756.

Torrington, Charlotte Viscountess Lady of Bedchamber1736-?; 1742-59.

Townshend, Henrietta Woman of Bedchamber 1737-?

Upton, Clotworthy Clerk of Household 1761-72.

Vansittart, - Maid of Honour 1759-72.

Walkinshaw, Catherine Sempstress 1736-? Woman of Bedchamber 1767- 72.

Wentworth, William Gentleman Usher of Privy Chamber 1751-72.

Winter, Margaret Laundress 1736-72.

Young, Edward Clerk of Closet 1761-5.

Young, Lucy Maid of Honour 1736-?

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