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Household of Queen Charlotte 1761-1818 : Alphabetical list of Appointees

Alphabetical list of Appointees

Addenbrook, John Peter Gentleman Usher Quarterly Waiter 1814-16.

Ailesbury, Thomas (Bruce Brudenell) 1st Earl of Chamberlain 1780-92. Treasurer 1792-1814.

Akenside, Mark Physician 1761-70.

Allen, George Page of Honour 1807-14.

Allen, William Gentleman Usher Daily Waiter 1761-86.

Ambler, Charles Solicitor General 1770-82. Attorney General 1782-94.

Ancaster, Mary Duchess of Mistress of Robes 1761-93.

Ancaster, Peregrine (Bertie) 3rd Duke of Master of Horse 1765- 6.

Anson, Augustus George Page of Honour 1808-18.

Argyll, Elizabeth Duchess of see Hamilton, Duchess of

Bacmeister, Sarah Charlotte Keeper of Robes 1797-9.

Baker, George (cr. Bart. 5 June 1766) Physician to Household 1764-70. Physician 1770-1809.

Bath, Elizabeth Marchioness of see Weymouth, Viscountess

Baker, George (cr. Bart. 19 Spt. 1776) Physician to Household 1764-70. Physician 1770-1809.

Beauclerk, Diana Maid of Honour 1761-1809.

Beaufort, Henry (Somerset) 5th Duke of Master of Horse 1768-70.

Beckedorff, Charlotte Keeper of Robes 1802-18.

Beckedorff, Sophia Keeper of Robes 1807-18.

Bellew, Patrick Gentleman Usher Daily 1783-93. Gentleman Usher of Privy Chamber 1793-9.

Benson, George Gentleman Usher Quarterly Waiter 1805-14.

Bishopp, Frances Maid of Honour 1761-4.

Bishopp, Hugh Gentleman Usher Quarterly Waiter 1799-1816. Gentleman Usher Daily Waiter 1816-18.

Blackstone, William Solicitor General 1763-70.

Bludworth, Margaret Woman of Bedchamber 1761-86.

Bolingbroke, Diana Viscountess Lady of Bedchamber 1761-8.

Boscawen, Anne Maid of Honour 1764-88. Sempstress and Laundress 1788-1818.

Boughton, Mary Woman of Bedchamber 1761-86.

Boyle, Carolina Amelia Woman of Bedchamber 1807-18.

Boyle, Hon. Edmund Gentleman Usher of Privy Chamber 1761-3.

Brande, Augustus Everard Apothecary 1784-1818.

Brande, Augustus Hermann Apothecary 1761-84.

Bremeyer, Margaret Keeper of Robes 1797-1807.

Bristow, Henry Page of Honour 1772-3.

Bromfield, William Surgeon to Household 1768-92.

Brooke Pechell see Pechell

Brudenell, Anne Woman of Bedchamber 1761-1803.

Brudenell, Augusta Maid of Honour 1788-1818.

Brudenell, Hon. Robert Vice Chamberlain 1766-8.

Brudenell, Robert Equerry 1790-1811.

Bunbury, Henry Page of Honour 1787-95.

Burney, Fanny Keeper of Robes 1786-92.

Byde, John Page of Honour 1761-6.

Byng, Cecilia Maid of Honour 1803-05.

Calder, Sir James, 3rd Bart. Gentleman Usher of Privy Chamber 1761-74.

Campbell, Sir Henry Frederick, Kt. Secretary and Comptroller 1817-18.

Cantelupe, John (West) Viscount (succ. as 2nd Earl Delawarr 16 Mar. 1766) Vice Chamberlain 1761-6. Master of Horse 1766-8. Chamberlain 1768-77.

Cardigan, Elizabeth Countess of Lady of Bedchamber 1793-1807.

Carmarthen, Francis Godolphin (Osborne) Marquess of Chamberlain 1777-80.

Cathcart, Catherine Charlotte Maid of Honour 1794.

Cathcart, Jane Maid of Honour 1774.

Chester, Barbara Maid of Honour 1799-1806.

Chesterfield, Henrietta Countess of Lady of Bedchamber 1807-13.

Chetwynd, Deborah Sempstress and Laundress 1761-88.

Colman, Seymour Maid of Honour 1795-1818.

Courtenay, Elizabeth/Charlotte Maid of Honour 1809-18.

Courtenay, Frances Maid of Honour 1769-70.

Cowslade, John Gentleman Usher Quarterly Waiter 1761-74. Gentleman Usher Daily Waiter 1774-90. Gentleman Usher of Privy Chamber 1790-95.

Crawford, James Equerry 1766-95.

Dashwood, Anna Maria Maid of Honour 1806-10.

Dashwood, Catherine Woman of Bedchamber 1761-79.

Dashwood, Francis Bateman Page of Honour 1766-71.

De Grey, William Solicitor General 1761-3.

Delawarr, John (West) 2nd Earl see Cantelupe, Viscount

Delawarr, John (West) 4th Earl see West, Hon. John

Devaynes, John Apothecary to Household 1761-95.

Digby, Charlotte Elizabeth Maid of Honour 1802-03.

Digby, Julia Maid of Honour 1790-94.

Digby, Hon. Stephen Vice Chamberlain 1782-92.

Disbrow, Edward Vice Chamberlain 1801-18.

Duckenfield, John Lloyd Gentleman Usher Quarterly Waiter 1816-18.

Effingham, Elizabeth Countess of Lady of Bedchamber 1761-91.

Effingham, Richard (Howard) 4th Earl of see Howard, Hon. Richard

Egerton, Ariana Margaret Woman of Bedchamber 1786-1818.

Eglinton, Archibald (Montgomery) 11th Earl of see Montgomery, Hon. Archibald

Egremont, Alicia Maria Countess of Lady of Bedchamber 1761-94.

Faucitt, Walker Dawson Page of Honour 1765-72.

Fauquier, Charles Page of Honour 1799-1807.

Fauquier, Thomas Gentleman Usher Quarterly Waiter 1767-86. Gentleman Usher Daily Waiter 1786-95. Gentleman Usher of Privy Chamber 1795-1818.

Feilding, Sophia Woman of Bedchamber 1779-1815.

Feilding, William Gentleman Usher of Privy Chamber 1763-71. Equerry 1771-7.

Fitzpatrick, Richard Page of Honour 1761-5.

Fitzroy, Charles Vice Chamberlain 1768-80.

Fraser, John Henry Page of Honour 1773-80.

Gataker, Thomas Surgeon to Household 1761-8.

Gibbons, John ( 4th Bart. 26 Nov. 1814) Gentleman Usher Quarterly Waiter 1804-18.

Gisborne, Thomas Physician to Household 1782-1806.

Gore, Thomas Gentleman Usher Quarterly Waiter 1795-1805. Gentleman Usher Daily Waiter 1805-18.

Graeme, David Secretary 1761-74. Comptroller 1765-74.

Grant, William Solicitor General 1794-9.

Grey see de Grey

Griffiths, John Surgeon to Household 1792-1818.

Guilford, Francis (North) 1st Earl of Treasurer 1774-90.

Gunning, Charlotte Margaret Maid of Honour 1779-90.

Guydickens, Gustavus Gentleman Usher Daily Waiter 1765-83. Gentleman Usher of Privy Chamber 83-93.

Gwyn, Mary Woman of Bedchamber 1809-18.

Hagerdorn, Johanna Louisa Keeper of Robes 1761-86.

Hamilton, Elizabeth Duchess of (Duchess of Argyll 9 Nov. 1770) Lady of Bedchamber 1761-84.

Harcourt, Elizabeth Countess Lady of Bedchamber 1784-1818.

Harcourt, George Simon (Harcourt) 2nd Earl Master of Horse 1791-1809.

Harcourt, Simon (Harcourt) 1st Earl Master of Horse 1761-3. Chamberlain 1763-8.

Harcourt, Hon. William (succ. as 3rd Earl Harcourt 20 Apr. 1809) Equerry 1761-6. Master of Horse 1809-18.

Harcourt, William Page of Honour 1814-18.

Hardinge, George Solicitor General 1782-94. Attorney General 1794-1816.

Harrington, Jane Countess of Lady of Bedchamber 1794-1818.

Harris, James Secretary and Comptroller 1774-80.

Hart, Anthony Solicitor General 1816-18.

Harward, Charles Gentleman Usher Quarterly Waiter 1793-1804. Gentleman Usher Daily Waiter 1804-16.

Hawkins, Pennel Surgeon 1761-91.

Heberden, William Physician 1806-18.

Herbert, Catherine Elizabeth Woman of Bedchamber 1761-70.

Herbert, Georgiana Woman of Bedchamber 1786-99.

Hertford, Isabella Countess of Lady of Bedchamber 1768-82.

Holdernesse, Mary Countess of Lady of Bedchamber 1770-1801.

Hotham, George Page of Honour 1779-87.

Hotham, Henry Page of Honour 1778-9.

Howard, Hon. Richard (succ. as 4th Earl of Effingham 19 Nov. 1791) Secretary and Comptroller 1784-1814. Treasurer 1814-16.

Hubert, Philip Gentleman Usher Quarterly Waiter 1761-4.

Hunter, William Extra Physician 1762-83.

Hussey, Richard Attorney General 1761-70.

Jacobi, Caroline Keeper of Robes 1792-7.

Jeffreys, Elizabeth Maid of Honour 1770-1802.

Jenkinson, John Gentleman Usher Daily Waiter 1761-74. Gentleman Usher of Privy Chamber 1774-1805.

Johnston, Frances Maid of Honour 1774-5.

Jones, Alfred Apothecary to Household 1814-18.

Jones, Griffith Apothecary to Household 1795-1814.

Keate, Thomas Surgeon 1792-1818.

Keck, Charlotte Maid of Honour 1761-74.

Leigh, Augusta Woman of Bedchamber 1815-18.

Letherland, Joseph Physician 1761-4.

Macclesfield, Mary Frances Countess of Lady of Bedchamber 1801-18.

Manchester, Robert (Montagu) 3rd Duke of Chamberlain 1761-2.

Mathias, Gabriel Clerk to Secretary and Comptroller 1774-1804.

Mathias, Thomas James Clerk to Treasurer (Vice Treasurer) 1782-1818.

Mathias, Vincent Clerk to Treasurer 1761-82.

Matthew, Edward Equerry 1769-71.

Meadows, Frances Maid of Honour 1761-8.

Melville, Anne Viscountess Lady of Bedchamber 1813-18.

Milman, Sir Francis, 1st Bart. Physician 1801-18. Physician to Household 1806-18.

Molesworth, Robert (succ. as 5th Viscount Molesworth 23 June 1793) Gentleman Usher Quarterly Waiter 1790-93.

Molyneux, Francis Gentleman Usher Daily Waiter 1761-5.

Montgomery, Hon. Archibald (succ. as 11th Earl of Eglinton 24 Oct. 1769) Equerry 1761-9.

Morton, George (Douglas) 16th Earl of Chamberlain 1792-1818.

Morton, John Attorney General 1770-80,

Murray, Hon. Charles Equerry 1812-18.

Murray, Maria Clara Maid of Honour 1810-18.

Newbolt, Julia Woman of Bedchamber 1803-09.

North, Hon. George Augustus Secretary and Comptroller 1780-84.

Northumberland, Elizabeth Countess of (Duchess 22 Oct. 1766) Lady of Bedchamber 1761-70.

Northumberland, Hugh (Percy) 2nd Earl of Chamberlain 1762-3.

Pechell (from 1801 Brooke Pechell), Thomas (succ. as 2nd Bart. 13 Jan. 1800) Gentleman Usher Quarterly Waiter 1786-95. Gentleman Usher Daily Waiter 1795-1805. Gentleman Usher of Privy Chamber 1805-18.

Pembroke, Elizabeth Countess of Lady of Bedchamber 1783-1818.

Perceval, Hon. Spencer Solicitor General 1799-1801.

Poyntz, Isabella Maid of Honour 1794-5.

Price, William Vice Chamberlain 1792-1801. Secretary and Comptroller 1814-17.

Pringle, John (cr. Bart. 5 June 1766) Physician to Household 1761-2. Physican 1762-82.

Radstock, Lady see Waldegrave, Cornelia Jacoba

Reveley, Henry Gentleman Usher Quarterly Waiter 1764-84.

Richards, Richard Solicitor General 1801-14.

Robinson, George Gentleman Usher Quarterly Waiter 1761-7.

Rooke, Charles Gentleman Usher Quarterly 1784-93. Gentleman Usher Daily Waiter 1793-1804. Gentleman Usher of Privy Chamber 1804-18.

Rooke, Henry Willoughby Page of Honour 1795-9. Gentleman Usher Quarterly Waiter 1816-18.

Rowland, Hugh Clerk to Secretary and Comptroller 1804-18.

Schutz, John Equerry 1761-90.

Schwellenbergen, Juliana Elizabeth Keeper of Robes 1761-97.

Sedley, George Page of Honour 1790-96.

Shirley, Hon. Sewallis Comptroller 1761-5.

Smith, John Gentleman Usher Quarterly Waiter 1774-90. Gentleman Usher Daily Waiter 1790-99. Gentleman Usher of Privy Chamber 1799-1804.

Smith, John Spencer Page of Honour 1780-90.

Stanhope, Edwin Francis Gentleman Usher of Privy Chamber 1761-83. Equerry 1783-1807.

Stone, Andrew Treasurer 1761-73.

Stopford, Hon. Edward (ktd. 15 Jan. 1815) Equerry 1795-1818.

Sydney, Elizabeth Viscountess Lady of Bedchamber 1791-1818.

Talbot, Hon. John Equerry 1811-12.

Taylor, Herbert Treasurer 1817-18.

Tracy, Frances Woman of Bedchamber 1761-1807.

Tryon, Mary Maid of Honour 1761-99.

Turton, John Physician to Household 1770-82. Physician 1782-1806.

Upton, Hon. Arthur Equerry 1807-18.

Vernon, Caroline Maid of Honour 1768-1818.

Vaughan, John Solicitor General 1814-16. Attorney General 1816-18.

Vernon, Edward Page of Honour 1796-1800.

Vernon, Henry Page of Honour 1800-08.

Vincent, George N. Gentleman Usher Quarterly Waiter 1793-9. Gentleman Usher Daily Waiter 1799-1818.

Waldegrave, Cornelia Jacoba (Lady Radstock 29 Dec. 1800) Woman of Bedchamber 1799-1818.

Waldegrave, George (Waldegrave) 4th Earl Master of Horse 1784-9.

Waldegrave, John (Waldegrave) 3rd Earl Master of Horse 1770-84.

West, Hon. John (succ. as 4th Earl Delawarr Jan. 1793) Equerry 1778-83.

Weymouth, Elizabeth Viscountess (Marchioness of Bath 25 Aug. 1789) Lady of Bedchamber 1761-93. Mistress of Robes 1793-1818.

Weymouth, Thomas (Thynne) 3rd Viscount Master of Horse 1763-5.

Wollaston, Charlton Physician to Household 1764.

Wrottesley, Harriet Maid of Honour 1775-9.

Wrottesley, Louisa Maid of Honour 1806-18.

Wrottesley, Mary Maid of Honour 1761-9.

Wynyard, Henry Page of Honour 1771-8.

Wynyard, William Gentleman Usher of Privy Chamber 1771-89.

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