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Collecting & Display

The Collecting & Display seminar provides a forum to discuss the many different issues connected to collections and their display from any period and covering all areas of collecting.

Hybrid | Online-via Zoom & Wolfson NB02, IHR
Mondays 18:00
Susan Bracken, Andrea Gáldy and Adriana Turpin.

Susan Bracken, MA, PhD, FSA
Susan Bracken is a regular lecturer at Birkbeck College, University of London and the Victoria and Albert Museum. She has published numerous essays on collections in the seventeenth century, an area which she continues to investigate.

Andrea M. Gáldy, MA, PhD, FRHistS
Andrea Gáldy is currently a lecturer at Munich University. She has published extensively on the collections of Cosimo I de’ Medici and on the kunst and wunderkammern in early modern Europe Currently her research interests concentrate on digital forms of display and their possible impact on modern museology.

Adriana Turpin, MA Oxon, FSA
Adriana Turpin is head of research at the Institut d’Etudes Superieres des Arts, Paris. Her research interests lie in the history of furniture, art markets and collecting. Her current research focuses on 19th collecting and markets for furniture in the UK and USA.

About the seminar

The seminar, established in 2004, was one of the first in its field. It holds monthly meetings on Monday evenings with a range of international speakers on a wide variety of subjects. Our sessions cover diverse topics and explore different approaches to the subject of collecting and display. We invite papers that cover areas of collecting from antiquity to the present day and a broad geographical range; we are interested in the history of private collections and museums, the great house, the history of natural sciences, court culture and diplomacy, the art market and gender studies.

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