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Earlier Middle Ages Seminar

The seminar focuses upon European (including British and Irish) history in Late Antiquity and the earlier Middle Ages, broadly defined as the fourth to the twelfth century. It also seeks to provides papers locating that history within a wider global context. We aim to include among our speakers early career as well as more established scholars. 

Pollard Room N301, 3rd floor OR Peter Marshall Room N204, 2nd floor.

Both in IHR, North Block, Senate House
Wednesdays 17:30
Kate Cooper (Royal Holloway), Julia Crick (KCL), Caroline Goodson (King’s College, Cambridge), Peter Heather (KCL), Hugh Kennedy (SOAS), Conor O’Brien (KCL), Alice Rio (KCL), Antonio Sennis (UCL), Rachel Stone (KCL), Alice Taylor (KCL), Edward Roberts (University of Kent) and Alan Thacker (IHR)

Postgraduate convenor: Hannah Boston (IHR)