Online-via Zoom
17.30-19.30 (UK time) Time may vary (see individual listings)
Peter Ackers, John Edmonds, Michael Gold, Denis Gregory, Roger Jeary, James Moher, Philip Murphy, James Parker, Alastair Reid, Sarah Veale, Adrian Williamson QC and Tom Wilson.

H&P's Trade Union and Employment Forum

H&P's Trade Union and Employment Forum meets several times a year, bringing together trade unionists with professional historians and other interested groups. It considers trade union issues against their historical background, exploring different perspectives on the past and the present in order to suggest new lines of policy for the future.

Its regular meetings have covered such themes as: political funding and relations with the main political parties; attitudes towards the European Union; democracy in the workplace; and apprenticeship and training. It has also organised higher-profile events to mark the anniversaries of pivotal moments, such as the 1986 Wapping dispute in the printing industry, and the 1984 miners’ strike. When the opportunity presents itself, the Forum works in partnership with other organizations, including a session at the Unions 21 annual conference and a fringe event at the Trades Union Congress.