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Rethinking Modern Europe

Supported by Lord Tugendhat

‘Rethinking Modern Europe’ showcases new research in European history, especially work that challenges existing paradigms, crosses boundaries, and promotes new topics of enquiry. Our formats include formal papers, book launches, roundtable discussions and sessions for PhD researchers. 

IHR Wolfson NB02
Wednesdays 17:30
Dejan Djokić (Maynooth), Celia Donert (Cambridge), Russell Foster (KCL), Alex Drace-Francis (Amsterdam), Christian Goeschel (Manchester), Simon Jackson (Birmingham), Lucy Riall (EUI Florence) and Astrid Swenson (Bath Spa).

About the seminar

Rethinking Modern Europe’ aims to discuss and stimulate new research on how to integrate regional, national, comparative and transnational approaches to history. Understanding European history to include Britain as well as Europe’s former imperial possessions, the seminar seeks to ask questions about the importance of regionalism in Europe, about the meanings of Europe and European. By questioning the limitations of national historiography, we aim to rethink how we teach modern European history and how we can encourage future research which attempts to reconnect different parts of Europe.

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