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Phd in History

The IHR offers supervision in a number of subject areas across different periods. Subjects include:

  • religious history
  • political history
  • economic and social history

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MRes in Historical Research

The course is an integrated research training programme covering:

  • research methodologies
  • research design
  • effective communication

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MA in Garden and Landscape History

This degree provides a rigorous environment in which students will learn a range of skills, and includes:

  • teaching at the IHR
  • visits to museums and galleries
  • optional overseas visit to Italy

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It is worth noting that the tutors who deliver the teaching are not only recognised experts in the field of urban and regional history, but are also ideally qualified to provide the practical, skills-based training on which the Programme depends. The IHR constitutes an outstanding resource in this respect. Professor Carole Rawcliffe, University of East Anglia, Independent Assessor, 2011

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