An Introduction to Oral History

This course is a comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of oral history. Participants will learn though classroom teaching and practical sessions how to conduct their own interviews.      

Course Details

An Introduction to Oral History addresses theoretical and practical issues in oral history through workshop sessions and participants’ own interviewing work. It deals with the historiographical emergence and uses of oral history, with particular reference to voices and stories not always accessible to other historical approaches. As well as addressing theoretical and methodological issues, this course will help students to develop practical skills in interviewing, recording, and the organisation and preservation of oral material.

Unlike other, shorter, courses available in Oral History, this course, being run over a term, allows students time to conduct their own interviews and discuss them later in a workshop environment, allowing them to hone their interviewing skills.

The course is open to postgraduates, academics and all who are interested in exploring the methods of Oral History or interviewing for research purposes.

Dates: TBC

Fee: TBC