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Janette Bright (M.Phil)
‘Engine of opportunity and experiment’: the metropolitan and national impact of the London Foundling Hospital, 1740-1820
Oliver Carter-Wakefield (M.Phil)
The cameraman’s experience of the Second World War: a study of the army film and photographic unit’s ‘Dope Sheets’
Jean Cornell (Ph.D)
Gifted Amateurs: the Contribution of British artists to garden design, 1870-1951
Sean Dettman (Ph.D)
America and the Blitz: the aerial bombardment of London and other UK cities and its impact on US public opinion and foreign policy 1940-1941
Helen Draper (M.Phil)
Mary Beale and her 'paynting room' in London , 1655–1655 and 1670–1699.
Duncan Gager (M.Phil)
The pull of the metropolis – the impact of the coming of the railways to west Kent 1840-1914
Helen Franklin (M.Phil)
The development of health citizenship in interwar British childhood
Steve Lewitt (M.Phil)
Power from the Land: water, wood and wealth. The development of the landscape of the South Staffordshire iron industry
Shengyen Lu (Ph.D)
Women in court - the legal status and property rights of heiresses and widows in thirteenth-century England
Kathleen McIlvenna (Ph.D)
‘Over 60 and Worn Out’: Retirement at the Post Office and Other Occupational Pensions in the Nineteenth Century
Rebekah Moore (M.Phil)
Space and Power in the New Palace of Westminster
John Morewood (Ph.D)
The role of Henry Brougham in the abolition of the slave trade and slavery emancipation, 1792-1843
Wendy Tebble (M.Phil)
An Investigation into the Public Life of Two British Princesses: HRH Mary the Princess Royal, Countess of Harewood and HRH the Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon
David Thomas (Ph.D)
The implementation of the Poor Law in the Maldon area immediately prior to the 1834 Poor Law Amendment Act
Wendy Toole (M.Phil)
Social protest in London in the 1880s
Andrew Wells (M.Phil)
‘An examination of selected country houses, and the related architectural and landscaping activities and income of their owners.’
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