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Support the IHR Library

Our library is a national treasure comprising 200,000 volumes, and spanning the history of Western Europe and its colonial history from the fifth century to the present. To preserve our most used volumes, we have started a Conservation Fund and we are also seeking support to further develop our holdings.

The IHR Redevelopment Campaign – Success!

We would like to thank all of our donors for their generous support in helping us to create a modernised space fit for 21st century purpose.  We hope that you have a chance to visit the newly enhanced library, conference and research facilities. 

Annual fund

The IHR's Annual Fund was set up to provide a steady stream of much-needed unrestricted income.

To date the fund has raised over £90,000 and has helped to support numerous projects around the Institute, the Library and the Anglo American conference.

Sponsor an IHR Seminar

The IHR is famous for its seminar programme. Few historians in the Anglophone world have not given or attended a talk at the IHR. To ensure that the seminars remain the best in the UK, we are seeking seminar sponsors.

IHR Seminars collage