At the heart of the IHR is its Library, which has a wide-ranging collection of edited sources covering Western Europe and its overseas expansion, from the early medieval to the modern period. For further information about the library see

Library Conservation Fund

One of the more unique aspects of the IHR library is that the majority of the collections are on open access.  Because they are in constant use, there is significant wear to the physical fabric of the books.  A recent audit of the London collection has found that c.7% of the books required some form of repair.  To counteract this, we have created a Library Conservation Fund to help preserve the collection.  The inaugural donation to this fund is from the Mercers’ Company, which has enabled us to restore over 60 folio volumes.

£50-£70 funds basic rebinding. £160-£200 will restore a historic binding.

Please help us keep our collections on open access and give to our Library Conservation Fund.


Collection Development

The IHR strives to keep the Library holdings current enabling researchers to access the latest research available.  Donations towards collection development allows us to purchase books and electronic resources that would otherwise be beyond our budget.

Recent donations have enabled us to buy British pamphlets on the American Revolution, 1763-1785 (Peter Marshall), Food History: Critical and Primary sources and Ireland in the Age of Revolution, 1760-1805 (American Friends).

A donation of £50 could buy a single volume. £500 would pay for a multi-volume set.


Donations can be bookplated as appropriate.