Seminar Sponsorship

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The IHR continues to run the largest programme of seminars dedicated to history in the UK.  There can be few historians around the Anglophone world have not given or attended a talk at the Institute at some time in their career.  There are now over 60 seminars running every fortnight, covering a wide variety of historical periods, places and topics. Our seminars are open to everyone and in 2011/12, over 23,000 people attended them. 

Many of IHR’s Seminars are also broadcast live and archived through HistorySPOT making them available to a much wider audience. This enriches not only discussions but also facilitates global participation.  

If you have enjoyed attending one of the IHR’s seminars or can see the tremendous value of them, please consider supporting the programme.

Even a modest donation can make a tremendous difference. A 1 year sponsorship costs £1,000 which can be covered by one individual, one institution or by a group of supporters:
  • 3 people paying £28 per month for a year
  • 8 people paying £11 per month for a year

Similar arrangements can be made for a 5 year sponsorship.

For full sponsorship, crediting is available on the IHR website, notice board, and at the seminars themselves.

You can make a donation via Direct Debit or credit card online.  

Alternatively, you can send us a cheque or set up a direct debit accompanied by this form.

For more information, please contact the Development Office ( / 0207 862 8764 / 8791).