This event celebrated much-loved former IHR receptionist Glen Jacques and his contribution to the IHR.

Glen worked at IHR reception from 2005 until 2021. As many people will know, Glen was a keen and talented model-maker and in 2020 he made a scale model of the IHR's original building, a large timber-framed 'hut' standing in Malet Street. The model, which has been donated to the IHR, was shown for the first time at the event.  

Commemoration of Glen Jacques

Glen’s model

Glen trained as a model maker and had a life-long interest in making and collecting models of different kinds. After he came to the IHR he loved finding out about its history from old plans and photographs and people’s memories. Putting the two interests together inspired the idea of making a scale model of the IHR Huts. He researched the ground plan, elevations, and interiors, and made this accurate and detailed model in 1:41 scale. Glen carefully reconstructed the complicated roof shape and the chimneys, and even printed small advertisements visible in photos of the building.

Glen also made a videoin which he showed the location of the Huts and talked viewers through the process of making the model. It's lovely to hear in the video how Glen developed the project, and how proud he was to work for the Institute. You can now watch this video online.

Glen’s family generously gave the model to the IHR. It was prepared for display by two members of the IHR staff, Justin Colson and Adam Chapman. Glen had some ideas about reconstructing the interiors of the Huts and this remains a potential digital project.

IHR Model Huts video
IHR Model Huts- by Glen Jacques