The 8 July 2021 marks the exact date 100 years ago of the IHR’s opening ceremony. 

For 100 years the IHR has been thinking back and looking forward. Today we officially launch the IHR’s yearlong celebration ‘Our Century’ – an exploration, celebration and reappraisal of history’s past, present and future.   #OurCentury

To celebrate the IHR's centenary leading historians from around the globe were bough together to help celebrate our centenary. Panellists commented on:

  • The state of the discipline within their country or region 
  • What opportunities there are for collaborations and creating connections
  • What part the IHR should play, as the UK’s national centre for the study of history, for the next 100 years. 

Session 2 included a message from IHR Centenary Patron- Roly Keating.

Chair: Professor Mary Vincent (Professor of Modern European History, University of Sheffield, UK)


  • Professor Vivian Bickford-Smith (Emeritus Professor, University of Cape Town, South Africa)
  • Dr Eva Namusoke (Writer, Historian, and Consultant, Institute of Commonwealth Studies Fellow, Kampala, Uganda)  
  • Dr Cécile Feza Bushidi (Postdoctoral Associate and Lecturer, The MacMillan Center Council on African Studies Department of the History of Art, Yale University, USA)
  • Dr Felix Oludare Ajiola (Lecturer in the department of History & Strategic Studies, University of Lagos, Nigeria)
  • Professor Amina Elbendary (Amina Elbendary (Associate professor & chair of Arab and Islamic civilizations, The American University, Cairo)
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